Animals starting with I

List of animals that start with I

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is for

Photo of an iguana
Photo by William Klos
Scientific name: iguana iguana

The iguana is a kind of medium-sized vegetarian lizard from South America. They are a popular pet.

is for

Photo of an ant
Photo by Dino Quinzani

Insects are a very common group of creatures, found all over the world except the sea. Insects all have six legs and antennae on their heads to help them find their way around. Many insects have wings. Insects lay eggs and many start life as a worm-shaped larval stage before growing up into the adult form that you see everywhere. The larval stage of the butterfly, the caterpillar, is the most well-known.

Photo of an Irish Wolfhound
Photo by Jame Healy

Irish wolfhounds are the tallest breed of dog, although some Great Danes may stand a little taller. They have a short life expectancy of around 6 and a half years. The breed is thousands of years old and was originally developed to hunt wolves. Despite their size they are not an overly energetic dog, but still need regular exercise.

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