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Photo of pillows.

List of bedroom items

Things you might find in your bedroom.

Bis forBed

A bed is a soft, comfortable place you sleep at night. Beds usually have a pillow to rest your head on, and sheets and blankets to keep you warm.

Bis forBlanket

The girl in the picture is lying in bed under a blanket. Blankets are big, thick, warm pieces of cloth that you usually have on your bed. Many people knit or crochet blankets.
Photo of clothes hangers
A clothes hanger, or coathanger, is a triangular object with a hook at the top that you use for hanging your clothes up inside a wardrobe. Coathangers can be made from wire, wood or plastic.
Photo of a mattress

Mis forMattress

A mattress is a thick, soft object that is part of a bed. Mattresses are comfortable to lie on.
A mosquito net is fabric with holes woven into it that lets light and air through but keeps mosquitoes and other insects out. Mosquito nets are commonly seen draped over beds, to keep people from being bitten when they are asleep.
Photo of pillows

Pis forPillow

A pillow is a bag stuffed with something soft. Unlike cushions, pillows are all around the same size. Pillows are for putting your head on when you are asleep at night time. You usually have at least one pillow on your bed.

Qis forQuilt

A quilt is a kind of blanket that is made from layers of fabric stitched together. The top layer is made from scraps of fabric made into patterns or a picture. Quilts used to be a good way to use up leftover bits of fabric, but in modern times people make quilts as a hobby using new fabric in the colors that they want.
Photo of white sheets on a bed.

Sis forSheet

Sheets are large, thin pieces of fabric that you put on your bed. Usually there is one sheet covering the mattress and another over the top of that one. You sleep between the sheets.
Photo of a wardrob

Wis forWardrobe

A wardrobe is something you keep your clothes in. You hang them on a rail inside your wardrobe with clothes hangers.