Photo of a tiger.

Types of cats

Different types of feline, from your common house cat up to the king of beasts, the lion.
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Photo of a cougar
Photo by Neil McIntosh
Scientific name: puma concolor

The cougar is a kind of large cat that is also known as a puma or mountain lion. It is the equal fourth largest cat, after the tiger, lion and jaguar.
Cougars hunt large animals like deer and wild sheep and goats, but will also hunt domestic animals like horses.

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Scientific name: panthera onca

The jaguar is the third largest cat, after the tiger and lion. Jaguars look most similar to the leopard but behave most like tigers.

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A kitten is a baby cat.

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Photo of a leopard
Photo by Nick Holland
Scientific name: panthera pardus

The leopard is the fourth largest big cat, after the jaguar. Leopards are very similar to jaguars, but are slightly smaller and have a different pattern of spots. Leopards are not fussy and will eat anything they can catch and kill.

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Photo of a lion.
Photo by Willian Warby

A lion is a kind of large wild cat. Male lions have a mane around their head, and female lions - called lionesses do not. Lions live in groups called prides, and they hunt animals like zebra and antelope to eat.

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Photo of a lynx
Photo by digitalART2
Scientific name: lynx lynx

A lynx is a medium-sized wild cat with tufts on top of its ears and a short tail. They live in forests in the mountains of Europe and Asia.

Photo of a maine coon cat
Photo by Dan Hershman

Maine coons are one of the largest cat breeds. They are from the United States, where it is thought they might have come about from local cats breeding with bobcats. They are gentle cats, with long, flowing hair and sometimes tufts on the ends of their ears.

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Photo of a manx cat
Photo by Sarah Jones

Manx cats are originally from the Isle of Man. They have a mutation of the spine that leaves them with either a very short tail or no tail at all.

The Norwegian forest cat is from northern Europe, and has developed a very thick, fluffy coat to adapt to the cold weather there. They are very large cats that enjoy people's company.

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Photo of an ocelot
Photo by Eric Kilby
Scientific name: leopardus pardalis

The ocelot is a wild cat found in South & Central America and Mexico. They look similar to an ordinary cat but have markings on their coat like a jaguar. They live mainly in forested areas and hunt small animals.

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