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List of foods that start with B

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of bacon being fried
Photo by Rick Audet

Bacon is made from the meat of a pig. It is cured and smoked, and then sliced into thin strips. The part of the pig the bacon is taken from depends on what part of the world the bacon is made in. In America, the belly is used, and in Australia and the UK the back is used.
Bacon is most often eaten with eggs for breakfast.

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Photo of muffins baking
Photo by Melissa Wang

Baking is a way of cooking food with dry heat, usually inside an oven. Baking is very similar to roasting, but generally bread and cakes are baked and meat and vegetables are roasted.

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Scientific name: musa acuminata and musa balbisiana

The banana is a tropical fruit and is eaten all over the world. Bananas can be eaten raw, cooked, or used in other foods like cake. The bananas in the picture are on a plate.

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Photo of a banquet
Photo by Richard Smith

A banquet is a very large formal dinner, usually with several courses, that is served to a large number of people at once. A less formal large dinner for many people is called a feast.

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Photo of basil.
Photo by Cliff Hutson
Scientific name: ocimum basilicum

Basil is a herb that is often used in Italian or Thai food. Sweet basil is used in Italian food and Thai basil is used in Asian food. Basil has a sweet, strong smell.
Basil likes to grow in hot, dry conditions and does not tolerate frost at all. Basil stops producing the oil that gives it its flavour once it starts to flower, so you should pick off the flowers as they develop. You can leave one or two stems to flower without affecting the rest of the plant, so you have some seeds for next year.

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Basting is a way of keeping meat moist while it is being cooked slowly, such as when it is being baked. You baste something when you pour a little liquid over it while it is cooking. Meat is usually basted with its own juices from the bottom of the pan, or with marinade.

Scientific name: laurus nobilis

Bay leaves are dried leaves from the bay laurel tree. Bay leaves are used to flavour soups and stews. The flavour of the leaves gets stronger when they are dried.
The bay laurel itself can grow into a large tree, but is usually kept in a container and clipped into shapes by topiary. Bay trees like a frost-free area.

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Photo of green beans
Photo by Sleepyneko
Scientific name: family: fabaceae or leguminosae

The bean is the seed of the bean plant. It is eaten for food, with or without its pod, or grown to improve soil in a garden or farm. Beans are in the same family as peas. The picture is of some different coloured string beans, still in their pods.

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Beef is meat from cattle that have been raised especially to be killed for food.

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Photo of glasses of beer.
Photo by Sancho McCann

Beer is the oldest alcoholic drink and the third most popular drink after water and tea. It is made from fermented grain, the most common being malted barley. Beer is usually flavoured with hops.

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