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Food starting with C

Food that starts with C

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

Cis forCabbage

Scientific name: brassica oleracea
The cabbage is a vegetable. People eat the leaves of the cabbage, not the flowers or roots.
Photo of a birthday cake.

Cis forCake

A cake is a kind of sweet, baked food. Cakes can be made with all sorts of different ingredients, such as fruit and nuts. The cake in the picture has been decorated with candles, for someone's birthday. There is usually one candle for every year the person has lived.

Cis forCandy

Candy is a generic term for any sweet treats that are made mostly from sugar, often with chocolate added too.
Photo of a cantaloupe
Scientific name: cucumis melo
Cantaloupe are also called rockmelon, mushmelon, muskmelon or spanspek. They are a medium-sized sweet melon with orange flesh. They are usually cut into pieces and eaten fresh.
Photo of a cappuccino
A cappuccino is an Italian drink. It is made from an espresso coffee, the same amount of hot milk added to the coffee and then topped with frothed milk. The froth is often decorated with ground chocolate.
Photo of capsicums

Cis forCapsicum

Scientific name: capsicum annuum
The capsicum or bell pepper is a medium sized fruit that ranges in colour from green to yellow to red. Unlike their cousins the chili, bell peppers are mild and sweet and are often eaten raw in salads, or cooked on pizza.
Photo of cubes of caramel

Cis forCaramel

Caramel is a word for a mid-brown colour as well as a food. Caramel is made by heating sugar until it melts and changes colour. Caramel has a disctinctive flavour and is used in a lot of desserts like puddings and cakes, and is also used in lots of sweets and candies.

Cis forCardamom

Scientific name: elettaria cardamomum
Cardamom refers to a group of related spices in the same family as ginger. Most commercial growing of cardamom is done in India, and cardamom is a common ingredient in Indian food. Cardamom has a strong flavor, and you don't need to add much to your food.
Photo of carob pods

Cis forCarob

Scientific name: ceratonia siliqua
The carob is a small tree from the Mediterranean area. It will grow in a wide variety of soils and climates as long as it is not waterlogged. The young trees are frost sensitive but mature trees are frost tolerant, and the tree is drought tolerant and will even grow in slightly salty soils. Carobs grow big seed pods that start green like in the picture and gradually turn dark, wrinkly brown over a year and then fall off. Carobs are related to peas. Carob seedpods are sweet and can be dried, roasted and ground and used to make a chocolate substitute.
Photo of carrots

Cis forCarrot

Scientific name: daucus carota
The carrot is a bright orange edible root. Carrots are crunchy when you eat them raw. Carrots can be eaten on their own raw or cooked or used in soups, stews, cakes, puddings and in all manner of ways. They are a very common, widely-used vegetable.