Food starting with J

List of foods that start with J

Food and drinks, from complete dishes to flavorings and beyond.

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Photo of jars of jam
Photo by Jim Champion

Jam is cooked fruit, preserved with sugar. Jam is delicious spread on toast. In some countries, jam is called jelly.

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Photo of jello or jelly
Photo by Steven Depolo

Jello, also called jelly in some countries, is a sweet dessert made from coloured, flavoured gelatin. Jello isn't hard or wet, it has a firm, wobbly texture called a gel.

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Jelly, also called jam is a way of preserving fruit. Jelly is made from fruit cooked with sugar and then sealed into a jar. Strawberry jelly, as shown in the picture, is one of the most popular flavours. Jelly that is made from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons is called marmalade.
In some countries, only clear jelly without any bits of fruit left in it is called jelly. In some other countries, jello is called jelly.

Photo of jelly beans
Photo by Andrew Gray

Jelly beans are a kind of candy that is shaped like a bean. Jelly beans have a smooth outer layer but are soft and chewy inside.

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Fruit is mostly made of water. When you squeeze a fruit, you get juice from it, which is a drink that tastes like the fruit it comes from.
The commonest kinds of juice are orange juice and apple juice.

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Julienning is a way of cutting food into thin, even sized pieces that are similar in size to matchsticks. Hard vegetables like carrots are most frequently julienned.

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