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Photo of grapes.

Fruit that starts with G

Sweet fruit (and a vegetable or two!) from all around the world.
Photo of gooseberries
Scientific name: ribes uva-crispa
Gooseberries are the fruit of a straggly, thorny bush originally from Europe, northwestern Africa and southwestern Asia. It grows in rocky areas, even quite high up cold mountains.
Photo of grapefruit halves
Scientific name: citrus × paradisi
Grapefruits are a member of the citrus family, like oranges and lemons, and grows on a similar tree. Grapefruit are large and yellow, but are not as sweet as oranges and have very thick skin, or rind. They come in two main colors, plain yellow with yellow flesh, and 'ruby', with reddish-pink flesh and darker skin. Grapefruits are usually squeezed for juice or cut in half and eaten for breakfast. The grapefruit in the picture are cut up ready for a lot of people to eat them for breakfast.
Photo of grapes.

Gis forGrapes

Scientific name: vitis vinifera
Grapes are the fruit of the grape vine. Grapes can be black, blue, yellow, red or green. Grapes can be eaten raw, dried into sultanas, made into jam or made into wine. Grapes grow on the vine in bunches.
Photo of guava fruit

Gis forGuava

Scientific name: psidium guajava
There are many different varieties of guava, with different thicknesses of skin and different coloured flesh. Guavas are grown in tropical areas but the adult plants can survive mild frosts. Guava is often made into juice or made into a dessert.