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Jobs that start with B

Jobs that start with B

When I grow up, I want to be ... This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!
Photo of a baker at work

Bis forBaker

A baker is someone who makes bread and other similar baked products, like cakes and pies. Bakers usually own or work for a bakery.
Photo of ballerinas dancing
A ballerina is a girl or woman who dances ballet on stage for a living.
Photo of a bartender
A bartender is someone who serves alcoholic drinks at a pub or bar.
Photo of a man begging.

Bis forBeggar

Beggars are people who have no way of getting money on their own, so they ask other people to give them money or goods. Beggars are often homeless. In many countries, beggars are sick, disabled or mentally unstable and beg because they cannot work.
A billionaire is someone who has more than a billion dollars, or $1,000,000,000.
Photo of a blacksmith at work
A blacksmith is someone who makes things out of metal, particularly iron, for a living. Blacksmiths use tools like a forge, hammer and anvil. Blacksmiths make items like tools, weapons and furniture from iron. Someone who makes horseshoes is called a farrier, not a blacksmith.
Photo of a boss

Bis forBoss

A boss is someone who employs other people, or who manages them and tells them what to do. Bosses can be male or female.
A bouncer is a type of guard, usually hired for an entertainment venue like a nightclub. Bouncers stop fights, and screen people who want to come in for age, inappropriate clothing or if they are too drunk.
A bricklayer is someone who builds walls out of bricks for a living.
Photo of a busker

Bis forBusker

A busker is someone who performs music, or sometimes dance or other entertaining performance, in a public place. People give buskers money for their performance. Buskers usually have some sort of container on the ground near them for people to put the money in. A more general term for a busker is street performer.