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Photo of scissors.

Words that rhyme with -ser

List of words that end with a "ser " sound

Ais forAnswer

An answer is a response to a question that provides the information the questioner wants. For example, if you asked "what color is this flower?" the answer would be "yellow".
An appaloosa is a breed of horse with a distinctive spotty coat. Appaloosas are usually used as a stock horse.
A bouncer is a type of guard, usually hired for an entertainment venue like a nightclub. Bouncers stop fights, and screen people who want to come in for age, inappropriate clothing or if they are too drunk.

Dis forDancer

A dancer is a person who dances. Some people are employed as dancers, which makes them professionals. The woman in the picture is a ballet dancer.
A dispenser is a container with something inside it that has some way of letting you take small amounts of the thing inside. For example, you might have a dispenser that dispenses sticky tape, or liquid soap, or paper towels like the dispenser in the picture.
photo of a dresser

Dis forDresser

A dresser, or chest of drawers, is a piece of furniture with several drawers in it that is used for storing folded clothes.
Photo of an electric razor
Electric razors are used for shaving hair off. They make use of tiny rotating blades, and don't need water or shaving cream.

Eis forEraser

An eraser is a piece of soft rubber or plastic that is used to rub out mistakes you make with lead pencil.
Photo of bags of fertilizer
Fertilizer is a mixture of all the different chemicals that plants need to grow. Fertilizer's main components are nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur.
Photo of a hairdresser
A hairdresser is someone who cuts, styles and colors your hair.