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Jobs that start with C

Jobs that start with C

When I grow up, I want to be ... This category also includes some things that aren't quite jobs but are definitely vocations - such as being a wizard or vampire!
Photo of carpenters at work
A carpenter is someone who works with wood. Carpenters might build houses, or furniture, or carve beautiful things out of wood. The tools you are most likely to see a carpenter using are a hammer and saw.
Photo of a chauffeur
A chauffeur, or just driver, is someone who drives cars around for a living. A chauffeur is usually someone that drives a more "fancy" kind of car, like a limousine.
Photo of chefs at work

Cis forChef

A chef is someone who cooks food in a restaurant for a living.
A chiropractor is someone who manipulates the bones and muscles in your body. These manipulations can help restore balance in the body and make you feel better.
Photo of a clown

Cis forClown

Clowns are performers in fancy dress, and are usually found in circuses and doing street performances. They usually wear a very brightly coloured outfit, a silly hat, big shoes, a coloured wig and face paint. They usually do very silly things to make people laugh.
A conductor is someone who directs an orchestra or other group of musicians or singers by gestures, usually by waving their hands in a special way, or waving a small stick called a baton.
A contortionist is someone who can bend their body into positions that most people cannot do. Contortionists are often part of a circus act, or perform on the street for money.

Cis forCook

A cook is someone who prepares and cooks food for a living. A cook in a higher class restaurant is usually called a chef. Cooking is also the process of preparing food to eat by using heat, for example you need to cook potatoes before you can eat them.

Cis forCowboy

A cowboy (or cowgirl) is someone who herds cows, usually while riding a horse. Cowboys also do other jobs around a ranch besides just herding cows.