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Photo of a fist.

Words that rhyme with -ist

List of words that end with a "ist " sound

Ais forAmethyst

Amethyst is a violet variety of quartz, with the purple colour coming from trace amounts of iron and aluminium. Amethyst is a popular stone for making jewelry from.
An archaeologist is someone who studies cultures and societies that no longer exist, by examining what they have left behind. Where a city or other settlement used to be, there will be lots of things still there after the people have moved on, such as the remains of pottery, weapons, houses and of course the bones of the people themselves.
Photo of a burnt house

Ais forArsonist

An arsonist is a person who commits arson.
Photo of an artist

Ais forArtist

An artist is someone who paints pictures or makes sculptures for a living. Artists do not usually make very much money.
Photo of a Buddhist monk

Bis forBuddhist

Someone is Buddhist if their religion is Buddhism.
A contortionist is someone who can bend their body into positions that most people cannot do. Contortionists are often part of a circus act, or perform on the street for money.
Photo of a cyclist

Cis forCyclist

A cyclist is someone who rides a bicycle.
Photo of a dentist

Dis forDentist

A dentist is someone who looks after other people's teeth. They clean your teeth properly, and fix up holes in people's teeth. They can also make your teeth look better by straightening or whitening them. Sometimes going to see the dentist can be painful or scarey, so if you don't want a dentist trip to be bad, you should look after your teeth and brush them every day.

Fis forFist

You make a fist with your hand when you close your hand up tight and tuck all your fingers in together. People often make fists when they are angry and want to punch someone.
Photo of a man kissing a baby.

Kis forKissed

Kissed is the past tense of kiss.