Plants that start with D

List of Plants that start with D

The most well-known plants and fungi, listed by their common names.

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Photo of yellow daffodils.
Photo by Amanda Slater
Scientific name: narcissus

A daffodil is a type of plant that grows yellow flowers in the spring. Daffodils grow from a bulb under the ground, similar to the way an onion grows. However, daffodil bulbs are poisonous, and you should not eat them.

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Photo of daisies
Photo by Louise Docker
Scientific name: family: asteraceae

The daisy family is the largest group of plants, and different daisies are found all over the world. Daisies come in many thousands of different colours and sizes. The most common daisy colours are white and pink. The largest daisy is the sunflower.

Photo of dandelion seedheads
Photo by Brian Biggs
Scientific name: taraxacum officinale

Dandelions are a small plant with yellow flowers. Most people consider them to be weeds. The seeds of the dandelion are spread by the wind, so they are light and fluffy. Some people say if you can blow all the dandelion seeds off at once, you are granted a wish.

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Scientific name: anethum graveolens

Dill is a feathery herb that can grow up to a metre tall. It can be grown easily from seed in spring and summer. It grows so easily from seed that once you have a dill plant go to seed once you will have dill everywhere!
Dill can be used in lots of different types of cooking but goes best with fish and potatoes. The fresh leaves are usually used, cut up finely and sprinkled over food.

Scientific name: Dracaena cinnabari

The dragon's blood tree is found only on the island of Socotra in Yemen. It has dark red sap, like dragon's blood.

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Photo of cherries
Photo by David Wright

A drupe is a kind of fruit that has a single seed in a hard shell in the middle of the fruit. Examples of drupes are cherries, plums, olives and apricots.

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