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Photo of a hay bale

Words that rhyme with -ay

List of words that end with a "ay " sound

Photo of a man wearing a toupee

Tis forToupee

A toupee is a type of wig that doesn't cover your entire head. Toupees are used to cover up bald patches. Toupees are not very popular anymore.
Photo of a serving tray

Tis forTray

A tray is a flat, shallow dish that is usually used for serving food. Trays often have handles, and can be made of metal, ceramic, plastic or wood. Another common kind of tray is a baking tray, which are made of metal and are used for cooking food on.
Photo of a sign saying Tuesday

Tis forTuesday

Tuesday is the second day of the week. The day before Tuesday is Monday and the day after Tuesday is Wednesday.
Photo of a sign that says way

Wis forWay

Way might mean a path or direction, like the way to the shops, or a method of doing something, "we need to find a way to fund this project".
Photo of a sign that says Wednesday
Wednesday is the third day of the week. The day before Wednesday is Tuesday and the day after Wednesday is Thursday.
Photo of someone standing on scales

Wis forWeigh

You weigh something to find out how heavy it is. Weight is a measure of how much gravity pulls on something. Not to be confused with way or whey.

Wis forWhey

Whey is the thin liquid that is created when milk is clotted into curds, as a part of the cheese-making process.
Photo of an x-ray film.

Xis forX-ray

An X-ray machine lets doctors take pictures of the bones inside your body. X-rays are a special kind of light which go through all of your body except your bones and other hard parts of your body, so the bones show up as white on the X-ray and the muscle in between shows black.
Photo of the Zimbabwe flag
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Zis forZimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country in Africa. It is inland, with no coast. The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare.