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Photo of a winch

Words that rhyme with -inch

List of words that end with a "inch " sound

Photo of a corset

Cis forCinch

A cinch is a strap that holds on a saddle. It is also a word for pulling anything else in tightly. For example, a corset cinches in your waist.
Photo of a finch

Fis forFinch

Finches are small, seed-eating songbirds. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, and can be found all over the world. Many finches are very pretty and make good pets.

Iis forInch

An inch is 1/12th of a foot, or 2.54 centimeters.

Pis forPinch

You pinch something when you grab it tightly between your forefinger and thumb. Pinching is also a word for any similar motion to pinching with your hands, or something that feels like pinching. For example, "my new shoes pinch my feet".
Photo of an old winch.

Wis forWinch

A winch is a device used for tightening a rope. They can be hand powered or powered by a motor. Winches can be used on a crane to lift things, to tow boats out of the water like the winch in the picture, or to tighten the rigging on a sailboat.