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Photo of a weld

Words that rhyme with -eld

List of words that end with a "eld " sound

His forHeld

Held is the past tense of hold.
Photo of a shriveled chili
Something is shriveled if it has become dry and wrinkled.

Wis forWeld

Welding is a process for joining two pieces of metal together. Welding creates enough heat on the join to melt the edges of the pieces of metal being welded, as well as adding a filler metal into the join. Welded joints are extremely strong.
A photo of Earth, otherwise known as our world.

Wis forWorld

World is another word for Earth, the planet we live on. World can sometimes refer specifically to the people living on Earth instead of our planet as a whole.
Photo of a man yelling

Yis forYelled

Yelled is the past tense of yell.