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Photo of a tin of beans

Words that rhyme with -inned

List of words that end with a "inned " sound

A christmas tree in a bin

Bis forBinned

Binned is the past tense of bin, usually meaning to put something in a bin, for example "he binned all the leftover food".
Photo of a pinboard

Pis forPinned

Something is pinned if it is held in place by something, usually by a pin. You can pin something down without pins, for example "her hands were pinned to her sides".
Photo of a tin of beans

Tis forTinned

Something that is stored in a tin can is referred to as tinned. Usually only tinned foods are described this way.
Photo of wind over a sand dune

Wis forWind

Wind is just the large scale movement of air. Wind happens because some parts of the world get heated up more than others by the sun, and it makes the air there get bigger, so the air has to try and move somewhere it has more room. Where it is cold, the air gets smaller, so wind is always moving between places that are different temperatures. When it is very windy it is called a storm. Wind can be very dangerous, but it can also be turned into electricity using wind turbines or used for other purposes using windmills. There are lots of words that mean different kinds of wind, like breeze for a gentle wind, gust for a sudden burst of wind, or gale for a very strong wind.