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Photo of a hinge

Words that rhyme with -inge

List of words that end with a "inge " sound

A baby cringing.

Cis forCringe

When you cringe, you shrink or move away from something you don't like. People cringe to express a variety of negative emotions, including fear and embarrassment.

Fis forFringe

A fringe is a decoration along the edge of something. Fringes can be fine threads, strips of leather or even a row of tassels. Fringe can also be used to simply describe something on the edge or outskirts of something else.

His forHinge

A hinge is a device for making something bend easily. Doors and some windows have hinges so you can open them. Chests and some other boxes have hinged lids, and laptop computers open with a hinge. You can clearly see the hinge on the lid in the picture.
Photo of a syringe

Sis forSyringe

A syringe is a device that is used for putting a measured quantity of fluid into something else. Syringes are often, but not always, fitted with a sharp, hollow point at one end for injecting liquids into things. Syringes can be used for things as diverse as feeding baby animals, or for injecting medicine into you.