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Photo of fireworks.

Words that rhyme with -erk

List of words that end with a "erk " sound

Photo of a woman wearing a burqa

Bis forBurqa

A burqa is a garment worn by women that completely covers them. It is worn for religious or cultural reasons, and is only worn when the woman is outside the privacy of her home. The veil part of a burqa is called a purdah, and may cover her entire face or just the part below her eyes.
Photo of fireworks
Fireworks are a kind of explosion that is designed to explode into a specific pretty pattern and nice colours. At special events, there are usually big displays of lots of different fireworks.
Photo of a boy smirking

Sis forSmirk

A smirk is a smile that is smug and slightly offensive. People often smirk at you when they think they know better than you do.

Tis forTwerk

Twerking is a provocative dance where a person squats or bends over and wiggles their hips, usually to hip hop or rap music.

Wis forWork

You work to get something done, to achieve something. Some kinds of work require a lot of physical effort, other types of work require a lot of thinking. Most people are employed by someone else who pays them to work.