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Photo of an eagle

Words that rhyme with -gle

List of words that end with a "gle " sound

Bis forBeagle

Beagles are a small to medium sized breed of dog developed in Great Britain. They were originally bred as a hound that tracks game like rabbits by following their smell. Today they are often used at Customs for sniffing out illegal goods. They have an even temperament and are popular pets.
Photo of dangling shoes on a power line

Dis forDangle

Something dangles if it is hanging loosely, so that is can move around freely. People often dangle toys for kittens so they will play with them.
Photo of an eagle

Eis forEagle

Scientific name: family: accipitridae
Eagles are large birds of prey with strong, hooked beaks. They usually hunt small animals and other birds. There are a huge variety of eagles, and they are found all over the world.
Photo of a gaggle of geese

Gis forGaggle

A group of geese is called a gaggle.
Photo of a woman juggling

Jis forJuggle

Juggling is the art of throwing some objects through the air from one hand to another, in a loop. You can juggle with balls, small bean bags, rings, skittles, burning brands, knives or even chainsaws. Juggling is most often seen done at circuses or by street performers. The lady in the picture is juggling with three balls, the more skilled you are the more objects you can juggle at once.

Jis forJungle

A jungle is a rainforest that is particularly thick and has a lot of undergrowth. It is usually impossible to walk through a jungle, you need to bring a machete to cut through the vines.
Photo of a mangle

Mis forMangle

A mangle, also known as a wringer, is designed to squeeze water out of wet clothes, so they are not dripping wet when they are hung out to dry. Mangles are made from two rollers close together that squeeze the clothes between them. They were used before modern washing machines that have built-in spin driers.
Photo of a rectangle shape
A rectangle is a shape with four sides. The two opposite pairs of sides are different lengths, unlike the square that has every side the same length. The rectangle in the picture is a framed painting. Rectangles are everywhere around us.

Tis forTangle

You tangle long, thin things together when you twist and entwine them around each other in a chaotic manner. Things that are tangled together are hard to get apart.
Photo of a triangle shape

Tis forTriangle

A triangle is a shape with three sides. The triangle in the picture is orange.