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Photo of a pinecone

Words that rhyme with -oan

List of words that end with a "oan " sound

Ais forAlone

Someone is alone if they are all by themselves, with no-one else around them. Sometimes alone is just a feeling - you may have people or things around you but you feel alone, and this can make you very sad.

Bis forBlown

Blown is the past tense of blow. For example, "all the candles were blown out".

Bis forBone

Bones are found inside your body. They are very hard. All the bones in your body together are called the skeleton. Doctors can see your bones by taking an xray.
Scientific name: sulfur (sulphur)
Brimstone is an old English biblical name for sulfur. Brimstone gets its name because it is formed around the vents of volcanoes.
Photo of a woman using a cellphone
A cellphone is another name for a mobile telephone, a small phone that doesn't need to be plugged into a fixed telephone line and can be carried virtually anywhere.
Cobblestones are stones that were used to pave streets before concrete and asphalt were invented. They were typically smooth stones found in a riverbed. Because the stones could be all different sizes and were placed so they fit together without gaps, they have given rise to the phrase "cobbled together".

Cis forCologne

Cologne is a kind of perfume. It might refer to a specific kind of perfume, or a general name for a perfume used by men. Cologne is also a city in Germany.

Cis forCone

A cone is a shape with a round bottom that gets smaller as it goes until it reaches a point. If you cut a slice through a cone parallel to the bottom, it will be the same shape as the bottom. If you cut a slice through the cone vertically going through the top point, you will get a triangle. Many things are cone shaped. volcanos tend to be cone-shaped, pinecones and pine trees like the ones in the picture are cone-shaped, and of course traffic cones are cone shaped.

Cis forCyclone

A cyclone is a very large weather event, which has low pressure at the center with winds that go around the center point. Cyclones turn anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern.
A gramophone, or phonograph, is a device that was used for playing recorded sound from the 1870s through the 1980s. More recently, gramophones were called record players or turntables. Gramophones play records, large round, black platters. The original gramophone did not need electricity to run, with the record being turned by winding it up, and the sound was amplified simply by the shape of the "horn" you can see in the picture at the top of the gramophone. The sound itself comes from the vibrations of a small needle, called a stylus, in a spiral groove on the surface of the record.