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Photo of a dog yelping

Words that rhyme with -elp

List of words that end with a "elp " sound

Photo of a man helping a toddler up some steps

His forHelp

You help someone when you give them what they need. You might help someone with their homework, or help someone build a fort. The man in the picture is helping the toddler climb the stairs. A similar word to help is assist.

Kis forKelp

Kelp is a kind of seaweed that grows in large forests in shallow oceans. Kelp grows fast, and can grow to be 80-100m tall.

Wis forWhelp

Whelp is another word for puppy.

Yis forYelp

A yelp is a short, sharp noise made by a dog, often because they have been hurt. Anyone who makes a similar sound is also said to be yelping, for example "she let out a yelp of pain".