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Photo of fire.

Words that rhyme with -ire

List of words that end with a "ire " sound

Ais forAdmire

Admire means that you really like something. You may admire your teacher, which means you respect and look up to him or her. Parents often admire their children, which means they feel a lot of affection and approval for them.
Photo of an amplifier
An amplifier is a device that increases the amplitude of a signal. For most people, this means it takes sound and makes it louder. Modern amplifiers also take incoming electrical signals and turn them into sound. When you plug headphones into your iPod, the amplifier in the headphones converts the signal from the iPod into sounds.

Ais forAttire

Attire is more formal word for clothing that is for a certain occasion, such as business.
Photo of some barbed wire
Barbed wire, or barb wire, is a type of wire usually used for fencing that has twists of sharp wire along its length. Barbed wire is most often used on fences that keep livestock like cows and sheep from escaping. The sharp barbs on the wire will hurt anything that tries to climb over it. Barbed wire is not just used to keep animals in or out. Barbed wire was used extensively during war time to protect soldiers, and is also used around prisons to keep the prisoners in.

Bis forBonfire

A bonfire is a large fire that has been lit outside. Bonfires are typically lit at a celebration or a party.

Cis forCampfire

A campfire is a small outdoor fire that you build when you are out on a camping trip. People build campfires to keep warm and to cook on.

Cis forChoir

A choir is another word for a chorus.
Photo of a forest fire

Fis forFire

When something is burning, it is said to be on fire. Flames can be different colours depending on what is burning and how hot it is. Fire is very hot and bright, and people light fires in their houses to keep warm. When a fire is out of control it can be extremely dangerous, as the photo of a forest fire shows. When something burns it gives off gas and particles as smoke. It gives off heat because burning is an exothermic reaction, which means it creates heat as it happens. Some things like boiling water are the opposite, and need heat to happen.
Photo of bikes for hire

His forHire

You hire something or someone when you pay some money for them for a time. People are generally hired to work for you or to complete a particular task. When you hire something, you hire it to use it for a while and then you return it to where you hired it from. The picture is of some bicycles for hire.
Drawing of a lyre

Lis forLyre

The lyre is an ancient stringed instrument that is played by strumming rather than plucking the strings. One hand is used to strum, the other is used to silence the strings you don't want to hear. The lyre looks a little like a small harp. if anyone has a photo of a real lyre I would be grateful if you could share it with me