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Photo of a desert.

Words that rhyme with -urt

List of words that end with a "urt " sound

Ais forAlbert

Albert is a Germanic name meaning bright noble. The man in the picture is Albert Einstein.
Photo of a Bert puppet

Bis forBert

Bert is a short form of Albert or Robert. The puppet in the photo is Bert from Sesame St.

Cis forConcert

A concert is a public performance of music, usually by a band or some other group of musicians. Some concerts will have many hundreds of people in the audience.
Photo of a desert sand dune

Dis forDesert

A desert is a large area where hardly any rain falls. Considering how little water there is in a desert, there is an amazing variety of life in most deserts, such as many kinds of cactus and a huge variety of reptiles and insects.

Dis forDessert

A dessert is a sweet course of a meal that is usually served at the end, after the main course. Most people have dessert after dinner. A dessert can be almost anything that is sweet and tastes good - cake, pudding or icecream are some examples.
Photo of hands holding dirt.

Dis forDirt

Dirt is a general name for the fine powdery stuff that is on the ground everywhere outdoors. Dirt is the name given to very ordinary sort. Rough dirt that doesn't hold water very well is usually called sand, very fine dirt that can also be used to make pottery is called clay and dirt that is good quality, either naturally or because someone improved it with compost, is called soil.
An extroverted woman.
An extrovert is an outgoing, social and expressive person.

His forHurt

When you are hurt, you feel pain. You usually get hurt when you are injured.
An introvert is a person who feels emotionally drained in social situations and enjoys spending time alone in order to feel energized.