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Photo of mangroves.

Words that rhyme with -ove

List of words that end with a "ove " sound

Cis forClothe

You clothe someone (or yourself!) by either providing them with clothes, or dressing them.

Cis forClove

A clove is a segment of a bulb, found on some kinds of plants such as garlic. For the spice of the same name, see cloves.
Photo of cloves

Cis forCloves

Scientific name: syzygium aromaticum
Cloves are the dried flower of a large evergreen tree native to Indonesia and India. They are used whole or ground up in baking, for making cakes, puddings and a lot of Mexican and Indian food. Cloves are very strong, and you don't need much of them to flavour food. Clove oil can be used to stop sore teeth from hurting.
Photo of some hares
A group of hares is called a drove. Sometimes they are called a husk.
Photo of a grove of trees

Gis forGrove

A grove of trees is a group of trees together, usually without any undergrowth.

Mis forMangrove

Mangroves are a kind of tree that grow along with other plants as mangals. Mangroves grow in the area where the tide flows through them, so they spend some of their time under water and some of their time dry. Many sea creatures live among the mangroves's roots, and mangroves are particularly important as a safe place for baby sea creatures when they are still very young.

Sis forStove

A stove is a hot surface for cooking on, usually found inside a kitchen, near an oven. Stoves have places to put pots and pans, with different sized heat sources for small and large pans. Stoves can be heated by a wood fire, gas burners, or various types of elements powered by electricity.
Photo of a woven mat up close

Wis forWove

Wove is the past tense of weave, for example "she wove a tapestry to hang on the wall".