Photo of buttons.

List of sewing items

Tools and things you need for sewing, knitting and other needlepoint crafts.

Photo of silk.Fabrics

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Photo of jacket lapels
Photo by Eric Jusino

Lapels are the folded parts of the collar of a jacket that sit on the front of the jacket.
Lapels are often used to pin flowers or other decorations to.

Photo of a measuring tape
Photo by Mason Bryant

A measuring tape, or tape measure, is a flexible piece of tape that can be used to find out how big something is. Because you can bend it, you can measure things that are curved, like around your waist or around your head. You can't measure curves with something hard like a ruler.

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Photo of a sewing needle
Photo by Ckmck

A needle is a small piece of metal that is sharp at one end and has a hole, or eye, at the other end. You thread the needle using very fine cotton thread, and use the needle to stitch things together.
The type of needle that is used for giving injections is called a syringe.

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Photo of a patch
Photo by Kelly Sweeney

A patch is a way of mending something that is broken by sticking a piece of something over the hole, and has given rise to the phrase "to patch something up". If you get a hole in the knee of your jeans they can be fixed by stitching a patch over the hole.
When something is made entirely of patches, it is called patchwork. Quilts are often made of patchwork.
A patch is also the name for a place you grow pumpkins or other vegetables.

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Photo of a pin
Photo by Lenore Edman

A pin is a small piece of metal that is sharp at one end and has a small bump at the other end. It is used for holding pieces of cloth together when you are making something, but before they are properly stitched together.

Photo of a pincushion
Photo by Steven DePolo

A pincushion is somewhere you store pins. Putting pins in a pin cushion keeps the sharp end of the pins safely hidden, stops pins from getting lost and makes them easy to pick up.

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A pleat is a type of fold made in fabric. A garment, usually a skirt or dress that is pleated tends to have many pleats of equal size. Pleats make a garment thicker, warmer and with more room to move.

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Photo of a jeans pocket.
Photo by Denim Therapy

A pocket is like a small bag that is sewn into your clothes. You can store things like your keys or your mobile phone in your pockets, or just put your hands in your pockets to keep them warm.

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Photo of ribbons
Photo by Lainey Powell

Ribbons are thin strips of fabric. They are usually for decoration, so they are usually very pretty. Most ribbons are shiny and are only one color, but some ribbons have patterns, sparkles or are made of lace.

Photo of safety pins.
Photo by Lainey Powell

A safety pin is a type of pin that has an extra loop of wire that covers the sharp end of the pin as well as stopping it from slipping out. Safety pins are often used to hold diapers or nappies together, or replace a missing button on your clothes until it is mended.

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