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Photo of a thatched roof

Words that rhyme with -atch

List of words that end with a "atch " sound

A batch of cookies.

Bis forBatch

A batch is a large amount of the same thing meant to be grouped together. Another word for batch is bundle. You can bake a batch of cookies.
Photo of a boy catching a ball

Cis forCatch

You catch something when it is flying through the air towards you and you grab it with your hands. Dogs can catch things like balls and frisbees in their mouths.
Crosshatch is a pattern that is formed by creating a series of intersecting lines. The most popular crosshatch pattern is made by crossing veritical and horizontal lines.
Photo of a baby chick hatching
Birds, fish, most insects and most reptiles lay eggs, as do monotremes. Fertilised eggs have a baby creature growing inside them, and when it has finished growing as much as it can inside the egg it breaks through the outside of the egg and comes out. This process is called hatching.
Photo of a wooden hatch
A hatch is a small doorway, often leading into a ceiling or underfloor space, but can be found in walls too.
Photo of an old latch

Lis forLatch

A latch is a device that holds something like a door, gate or lid closed so it won't swing open by itself. A latch is not the same as a lock, but many latches have a place to put a lock, for extra security.
Photo of two girls in matching outfits.

Mis forMatch

Two things match or are matching if they are very similar to each other. The two girls in the picture are wearing matching outfits. Two things are also said to match or are matching if they simply look good together. For example, the t-shirts the girls in the picture are wearing match their shorts.

Mis forMatches

A match is a small stick with chemicals at one end that catch fire if they are rubbed along a rough surface. Matches are usually sold in a matchbox or matchbook that has a rough edge on one side to strike your matches on. Matches are used to light fires, candles and smoking devices like cigarettes. Match can also mean things that are similar in some way.
Photo of a patch

Pis forPatch

A patch is a way of mending something that is broken by sticking a piece of something over the hole, and has given rise to the phrase "to patch something up". If you get a hole in the knee of your jeans they can be fixed by stitching a patch over the hole. When something is made entirely of patches, it is called patchwork. Quilts are often made of patchwork. A patch is also the name for a place you grow pumpkins or other vegetables.
Photo of a scratched arm

Sis forScratch

When you get an itch, you usually have an urge to scratch it. Itches are best scratched with something fairly sharp, like your fingernails or a twig. If you scratch yourself too hard it can break your skin and make you bleed.