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Photo of an agave attenuata

List of succulents

Photo of an agave attenuata

Ais forAgave

Scientific name: agave attenuata
Agaves are a large genus of plants from Mexico. They are very hardy, with a distinctive spiral of large, pointed leaves. The agave in the picture is one of the most common varieties of agave, agave attenuata.
Photo of some aloe vera plants by the sea
Scientific name: aloe vera
Aloe vera is a type of succulent plant, suited to arid regions. The plant is supposed to have many medicinal properties, and you often see aloe vera added to tissues - the aloe are supposed to stop your nose getting red if you have a cold and blow your nose a lot. Aloe vera is meant to be very good for your skin, and it helps burns heal faster.
Jade plant.
Scientific name: Crassula ovata
A jade plant is a succulent with spongy green leaves, thick stems and pink or white flowers.
Photo of a jelly bean plant
Scientific name: Sedum rubrotinctum
Jelly bean plants are a very easy to grow succulent that has leaves that look like jelly beans. You can grow a new plant from a single leaf of a jellybean plant. These plants can tolerate most conditions, including drought and frost.
Scientific name: Sansevieria trifasciata
Snake plant is also called viper's bowstring hemp, mother-in-law's tongue or Saint George's sword. It is a very hardy plant, and spreads by growing below the ground and then sending up new leaves.