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Photo of an elephant.

Words that rhyme with -ant

List of words that end with a "ant " sound

Photo of an accountant
An accountant is someone whose job is to manage other people's professional finances. Accountants will help in getting records into the correct format to transfer them to places like the the taxation department.
Photo of an ant.

Ais forAnt

An ant is a small, common insect found all over the world. They live in organised colonies that are mostly workers, with one queen.

Ais forAunt

Your aunt is the sister of your mother or father.
Photo of blackcurrants
Scientific name: ribes nigrum
Blackcurrents are a small berry related to redcurrants and gooseberries. They are used mainly for their juice, and made into drinks or cordials. Blackcurrents have a very, very high vitamin C content, with 100 grams of the fruit providing 3 times what you need each day.
Photo of a floating rubber duck

Bis forBuoyant

Something is buoyant if it floats.

Cis forCan't

Can't is a contraction of "can not".
Photo of a cormorant
Scientific name: family: phalacrocoracidae
Cormorants and shags are medium sized birds that live near the sea. They eat fish, including eels and sea snakes. They catch fish by diving into the water. Cormorants are related to pelicans.
Deodorant comes in spray cans, pump packs or as a roll on. Deodorant has an antiperspirant effect, which means it stops you from sweating and makes you smell nicer. Most people use deodorant on their armpits.
Disinfectant is a substance that is used, usually while cleaning, to kill most germs and micro-organisms it comes into contact with. Disinfectants by no means kill all micro-organisms, which can cause its own set of problems as the ones that survive can then breed with less competition from the other micro-organisms that the disinfectant killed.
Photo of a ship in the distance

Dis forDistant

Something is distant if it is a long way away from you. Something can be distant in terms of physical distance or time, for example "her childhood was a distant memory".