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Photo of a saddle.

List of tack and harnesses

Harnesses and attachments that can be used on animals.

Photo of a horses bit

Bis forBit

A bit is the part of the horse's harness that goes inside its mouth. The bit is held in place by the bridle, and reins are attached to either side of the bit. The combination of all three is used by the rider to help control the horse.
Photo of a horse wearing a bridle

Bis forBridle

A bridle is a piece of equipment that a horse wears on its face. A bridle is usually made from leather, and is held on by buckles. The metal part of the bridle that goes in the horses's mouth is called the bit, and the long straps connected to the bit are called reins. The combination of bridle, bit and reins is used to direct the horse, so you can make it go in the direction you want it to when you are riding or driving it.
Photo of a dog wearing a collar

Cis forCollar

A collar is a thin strip, usually made of leather, that is worn around the neck. Some collars are made of chain. Pet dogs and some cats usually wear collars all the time as somewhere to attach a nametag and registration disc. Dog collars usually have a loop on them that you can clip a lead to, so you can take your dog for a walk. Cat collars also have the loop, but cats are a lot harder to walk!
Photo of a horseshoe
A horseshoe is a piece of steel that has been nailed to the bottom of a horse's hoof to protect it from being worn down. Horseshoes can also be made from aluminium, rubber, plastic or other metals. A horses hoof is just like a person's toenail, and the horse cannot feel the nails going through it. A person who fits horseshoes to a horse's hoof is called a farrier. Horseshoes are said to give good luck if they are hung on a door with the open end pointing upwards.
Photo of a dog on a lead
A lead is a rope that you attach to the collar or other harness of an animal so you can lead them around. People take their dogs for walks on a lead. You may also be interested in the heavy metal lead.
Photo of a dog on a leash

Lis forLeash

A leash is a long, thin piece of rope or cord that is used to lead an animal around. Leashes are usually attached to a collar around the animal's neck. Leashes are most often used to take a dog on a walk.
Photo of reins on a horse

Ris forReins

Reins are long strips of leather connected to the mouthpiece or bit of a horses's bridle. Reins are used to steer and control a horse while you are riding or driving it. Words that sound the same as rein but are spelt differently are rain and reign.
Photo of a saddle on a horse

Sis forSaddle

A saddle is a padded seat that you put on the back of a horse so they are more comfortable to sit on when you ride them for long distances.
Photo of a stirrup

Sis forStirrup

A stirrup is a loop, usually made from metal, that hangs from a saddle. The purpose of stirrups is to support your feet when you are riding a horse.
Photo of a man cracking a whip

Wis forWhip

A whip is usually made from a short stick with a thin strip of leather at the end, although some whips are just made from a flexible rod. Whips are usually used for training animals, as an extension of your arm. Whips can be cracked with a loud noise, which will scare an animal and make them change direction.