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An essay.

Text and documents

Names for various blocks of text.

A blog.

Bis forBlog

A blog, shortened from "web log", is a website written by an individual or a small group about a particular subject. Blogs can be professional or personal, and often contain images and links in addition to writing.
Photo of a shelf full of books

Bis forBook

A book is made of many sheets of paper or parchment, bound together down one side. Each sheet is called a leaf, and each side of a leaf is called a page. Books can have lots of pictures or just words. They might have a story in them that is all true (non-fiction) or a story that someone has made up (fiction). Reading books is a hobby a lot of people enjoy.
A chapter.

Cis forChapter

A chapter is a section of a book that usually has a number or a title. Chapters organize books into parts.

Dis forDiary

A diary is a blank book in which you write about what is happening to you. A similar word to diary is journal.
An essay draft.

Dis forDraft

A draft is the first attempt at something, especially writing or drawing.
An essay.

Eis forEssay

An essay is short piece of writing on a subject.
Photo of a journal

Jis forJournal

A journal is similar to a diary. You use a journal to record events in, like a record of a trip.
Photo of a letter

Lis forLetter

A letter can mean one of two things. A letter is either a letter in the alphabet, like the list of letters at the top of this page. Or a letter is something you write to someone, put in an envelope and then send in the mail.
Photo of a pile of novels

Nis forNovel

A novel is a type of book that has a fairly long story in it, that can take hours or days to read. Novels usually contain made-up stories or true stories that have been written to be more interesting. People generally read novels for enjoyment.