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Verbs that start with G

Verbs that start with G

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Gis forGather

You gather things when you bring several of them to the same place. A gathering of friends is a group of friends getting together. The person in the picture has gathered a handful of berries.
Photo of a gilt statue

Gis forGild

Gilding is the process of coating something else with a thin layer of gold. Once you have gilded something it is gilt. Gild is not the same as a guild.
Photo of glistening cranberries

Gis forGlisten

Something glistens if it is softly shiny, particularly if it is wet. The cranberries in the picture are glistening.
Photo of a glowing toy

Gis forGlow

Something is glowing when it gives off a soft light. The toy in the picture is glowing.

Gis forGnash

Gnashing is clenching or grinding your teeth together, usually in anger or frustration.
Photo of a sign that says go

Gis forGo

You go when you move or do something, usually when you move away from something. For example, "go away", or "I am going to the shops". The opposite of go is stop. The past tense of go is went.
Actor Grant Bowler.

Gis forGrant

Grant is a Scottish name for boys. Grant means "great." The man in the picture is actor Grant Bowler.
Photo of a horse grazing

Gis forGraze

An animal is grazing when it is eating grass and other plants that grow close to the ground, which is different to browsing. A graze is also an injury where you scrape off some layers of skin, usually by falling over onto a rough surface like asphalt.
Photo of someone mourning

Gis forGrieve

You grieve when you feel very sad for losing someone or something that you loved. Another word for grieve is mourn.
Photo of a mortar and pestle

Gis forGrind

You grind something by breaking parts of it off with friction. Metal or wood can be ground down by running a very rough surface over it, such as a grinding disc or sandpaper. Grinding will gradually change the shape of the thing being ground as the outer layer is removed. You grind herbs and spices in a mortar and pestle by crushing them against the inside of the bowl.