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Verbs that start with L

Verbs that start with L

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Lis forLaunch

You launch something, usually a vehicle, when you start it moving. For example you might launch a boat or a rocket. You can also launch a project, for example "today is the big launch of our new campaign".

Lis forLay

You lay something down when you place it into a resting position. You lay yourself down before you go to sleep. The picture is of someone laying a brick.
A cat lazing around

Lis forLaze

You laze around when you are idle and are doing nothing. The cat in the picture is lazing in the sun.
You lead someone or something when you take them somewhere. People usually lead animals by holding one end of a rope that is tied to the animal. The opposite of lead is follow.
Photo of a woman leaping

Lis forLeap

Leap is another word for jump, particularly a big jump. The woman in the picture is leaping up into the air.
Photo of a dog licking a man's face

Lis forLick

You lick things by wiping your tongue on them. Children usually lick lollypops or icecream and dogs lick people's faces.
Photo of a crane lifting a load

Lis forLift

You lift something when you raise it higher than it was before. The crane in the picture is lifting a heavy load. Lift is also another word for elevator.
Photo of a lopped tree

Lis forLop

You lop something when you cut it off. You usually lop branches off trees.
Photo of a lost teddy bear

Lis forLose

If you lose something, you do not know where it is. If you are lost, you do not know where you are. The picture is of a teddy bear someone has lost. Lose is not the same as loose. The opposite of lose is find or win. The past tense of lose is lost.