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Verbs that start with V

Verbs that start with V

Verbs are things you do. Action words!
Photo of a scene vanishing into the mist

Vis forVanish

Something vanishes when it changes from you being able to see it, to not being able to see it. Something might vanish quickly or gradually. The picture is of a wall vanishing into the fog. A similar word to vanish is disappear.
Photo of a vibrating guitar string

Vis forVibrate

Something vibrates when it moves backwards and forwards very quickly. If something vibrates fast enough, it produces a musical note. Musical instruments work by making a part of them vibrate in some way. The picture is of a vibrating guitar string.

Vis forVote

Voting is a way for a large group of people to come to an agreement about something. Everyone writes their decision on a piece of paper, then all the individual votes are counted up and the majority wins. Most people are familiar with voting for a President or Prime Minister at election time.