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Verbs that start with Y

Verbs that start with Y

Verbs are things you do. Action words!

Yis forYank

You yank something when you pull it suddenly and quite hard.

Yis forYawn

A yawn is where your mouth opens wide and you take a deep breath in and out. Yawns just happen by themselves, they are hard to stop. People and animals yawn when they are tired, stressed, overworked or bored, or for no reason at all. Yawning is infectious - if someone near you yawns, you often start yawning too! You might even start to yawn by looking at a photo of someone yawning, so don't stare at the photo of the yawning cat for too long.
Photo of a lizard yearning to be outside

Yis forYearn

You yearn for something when you really, really want to have it. The lizard in the picture is yearning for the freedom of being outside.