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Photo of flamingoes

Birds that start with F

Birds in all shapes, colors and sizes. Birds that fly, birds that walk, birds that chirp, birds that talk.
Photo of a finch

Fis forFinch

Finches are small, seed-eating songbirds. They come in a huge variety of colours and patterns, and can be found all over the world. Many finches are very pretty and make good pets.

Fis forFlamingo

A flamingo is a pink wading bird. They eat shrimp that is in the water by filtering it through their beak. Their pink colouring comes from the food they eat.
Photo of fledgeling birds
A fledgeling (also spelt fledgling) bird is one that has just grown its adult feathers and is ready to learn to fly. Someone who is just starting out doing something can also be called a fledgeling, or a novice.

Fis forFowl

A fowl is a domesticated farmyard bird. A fowl usually means a chicken but can also mean ducks, turkeys and pheasants.