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Photo of a ring

Words that rhyme with -ing

List of words that end with a "ing " sound

Ais forAwning

An awning is a cover over a window or door. Awnings might be solid and permanently attached, or made from a material like canvas that can be rolled up. The awnings in the picture are yellow.

Bis forBeijing

Beijing is the capital of China. It has a population of of almost 20 million.
Photo of Billings, Montana

Bis forBillings

Billings is the largest city in the state of Montana in the United States of America. It has a population of 158,000.

Bis forBoring

If something makes you bored, it is boring. The opposite of boring is interesting.
Photo of women bringing cakes

Bis forBring

You bring something when you carry or otherwise get it to move to another place. You might bring a plate of food to a party, or bring your shopping home.

Bis forBuilding

A building is a large, man-made structure. Most buildings are very big, and are places for many people to live and work. A building where only a very small number of people live is called a house.
Photo of a tent

Cis forCamping

You go camping when you go away from home, usually to a wilderness area, and stay in a tent. People often go on camping trips on their vacation time.

Cis forCeiling

The ceiling is the part of a room that is directly above the floor. Ceilings are usually painted white and sometimes have lights like chandeliers on them.
A kitten clinging to a person.

Cis forCling

Cling means to hold on to something very tightly. The kitten in the picture is clinging to the person.

Cis forCutting

Taking cuttings and striking them is a way of growing a new plant from a piece cut off from another plant. The most successful way of taking cuttings varies widely depending on the type of plant. Some cuttings need to be of soft new growth, some hard, some taken in winter while the plant has no leaves, some in spring when it is vigorously growing, still other plants can be grown from only a piece of root or a leaf. Some need to be let dry a little first (hardened), some need special hormones, but as a general rule all cuttings need to be kept slightly moist so they do not die before they have their own root system. The cuttings in the photo have been left to stand in water and have grown roots.