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Photo of rhubarb

Words that rhyme with -arb

List of words that end with a "arb " sound

Photo of a single barb on barb wire.

Bis forBarb

A barb is a type of hook that is designed for things to get caught on. Barbs are found on barbed wire, some fish hooks, some arrows, some plant seeds and some animals have barbed claws or teeth. A hook that is barbed is usually very difficult to get out of whatever it is stuck into. Barbed seeds are bad for animals, as they can get stuck in the animal's skin or inside their mouths and are very hard to get out, so can cause bad infections.
Photo of a girl in renaissance garb

Gis forGarb

Garb is a word that describes either a style of clothing, or the clothes you are currently wearing. The girl in the picture is wearing renaissance garb.
Photo of rhubarb

Ris forRhubarb

Scientific name: rheum rhabarbarum
Rhubarb is a kind of plant with red, edible stems. The stems can be eaten raw, cooked into a sauce or cooked as filling for a pie. The leaves should not be eaten, as they are poisonous.