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Photo of a cannon.

Weapons & war terms

Things that can be used to hurt or restrain other people or animals.

Ammunition relates to anything needed for firing a weapon, such as the supply of bullets and any other supplies like priming powder. Ammunition can also be used to describe spent parts of the ammunition after the weapon has been fired.
Photo of a suit of armour

Ais forArmour

Armour is a covering for a vehicle, animal or person that protects them from damage. Armour can be made from metal, leather, wire in the form of chainmail or even wood. Modern armour, such as flak jackets or bulletproof vests, are made from ballistic cloth.
Photo of soldiers
The Army is the military forces of a particular country. The Army is usually distinct from the Navy or the Air Force.
Photo of cut-out arrows

Ais forArrow

An arrow is a projectile that is fired from a bow. Arrows have a pointed end that is used to pierce things. An arrow is also any shape that looks like the arrow projectile. Arrows are used to point somewhere, or tell you which direction to go.

Ais forAxe

The axe, also spelt ax, is one of the oldest tools known to mankind. Axes have been used for thousands of years to split logs, cut down trees and shape wood.
Photo of a single barb on barb wire.

Bis forBarb

A barb is a type of hook that is designed for things to get caught on. Barbs are found on barbed wire, some fish hooks, some arrows, some plant seeds and some animals have barbed claws or teeth. A hook that is barbed is usually very difficult to get out of whatever it is stuck into. Barbed seeds are bad for animals, as they can get stuck in the animal's skin or inside their mouths and are very hard to get out, so can cause bad infections.
Photo of some barbed wire
Barbed wire, or barb wire, is a type of wire usually used for fencing that has twists of sharp wire along its length. Barbed wire is most often used on fences that keep livestock like cows and sheep from escaping. The sharp barbs on the wire will hurt anything that tries to climb over it. Barbed wire is not just used to keep animals in or out. Barbed wire was used extensively during war time to protect soldiers, and is also used around prisons to keep the prisoners in.

Bis forBaton

A baton is a tool with many uses, from the decorative to instructive. It is a long, straight tool which sometimes has weighted bulbs on the ends. Police, music instructors, and cheerleaders use batons.

Bis forBlade

A blade is the edge of a weapon like a knife or part of some machinery, like the blades of a fan. The blade on a knife is usually very sharp.
Photo of a nuclear bomb

Bis forBomb

A bomb is a device that can be used to cause an explosion. Bombs can be small enough to carry or so big they need to be dropped from planes. They can do damage ranging from just making a flash and loud noise up to being able to destroy a city.