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Photo of a hen with a brood of chickens

Words that rhyme with -ude

List of words that end with a "ude " sound

Photo of a broody hen
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Bis forBrood

A brood is a group of offspring. The hen in the picture has a brood of baby chicks.
Cool dude posing.

Dis forDude

Dude is a slang word used to describe a man who is interested in being cool and stylish.
Photo of food

Fis forFood

Food is anything you can eat that gives you energy and nutrients and helps you grow. There are many things you can eat that are not food. People will go to a lot of effort to make food look and taste good.

Nis forNude

Nude means naked or unclothed, especially when referring to people. The people in the painting aren't wearing any clothes, so they are nude.