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Photo of a flock of sheep.

List of collective nouns

Did you ever need to know what a group of geese was called? Well, here are some of the more commonly used collective nouns, with a few of the interesting ones thrown in for good measure.

Photo of a group of eagles

Ais forAerie

A group of eagles is called an aerie.
Photo of an armada

Ais forArmada

A group of ships, particularly military vessels or a Navy is called an armada.
Photo of an army of caterpillars
A group of caterpillars is called an army. Sometimes a group of ants is called an army too.
Photo of a group of larks
A group of larks is called an ascension or an exultation.
Photo of hay bales
A bale is a large bundle of something, usually tightly packed into a regular shape and held together with string. hay and straw are the two most common items that is packed into bales.
Photo of a group of turtles
A group of turtles is called a bale.
Photo of a band playing

Bis forBand

A band is a group of musicians who perform music together. Music made by a group of people playing different instruments together is usually more interesting than music made by only a single instrument.
Photo of a group of donkeys
A group of donkeys or mules is called a barren.
A batch of cookies.

Bis forBatch

A batch is a large amount of the same thing meant to be grouped together. Another word for batch is bundle. You can bake a batch of cookies.

Bis forBevy

A group of quail is called a bevy or a covey.