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Photo of a Rubik's cube

Words that rhyme with -olv

List of words that end with a "olv " sound

Dis forDissolve

You dissolve a solid in a liquid by mixing the solid around until it seems to disappear. Once the solid is completely dissolved, the resulting solution behaves exactly like a liquid. Solids won't dissolve in any liquid, they must be soluble in them. For example, table salt is soluble in water but not in oil. Solids that do not dissolve in a liquid but are mixed into a liquid can be removed with a filter. Filtering is an effective way to remove very fine particles of dirt from water.
Photo of a solved Rubik's cube

Sis forSolve

You solve a puzzle or a problem when you work out an answer or solution. For example, you solve a jigsaw puzzle when you put all the pieces together to make a picture, and you solve a Rubik's cube when you have each face of the cube a single color.