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Photo of diced vegetables.

Food preparation

Ways of preparing food. Slicing and dicing, roasting and mashing, and some other fancy techniques.

Photo of muffins baking

Bis forBake

Baking is a way of cooking food with dry heat, usually inside an oven. Baking is very similar to roasting, but generally bread and cakes are baked and meat and vegetables are roasted.

Bis forBaste

Basting is a way of keeping meat moist while it is being cooked slowly, such as when it is being baked. You baste something when you pour a little liquid over it while it is cooking. Meat is usually basted with its own juices from the bottom of the pan, or with marinade.

Bis forBatter

Batter is a mixture of ingredients like eggs, flour, milk and sugar mixed together into a thick liquid. Batter is how you would describe cake, cookies, and breakfast foods like muffins and crepes before they are cooked. Batter can be used to as a coating on things like fried chicken.
Blanching vegetables.

Bis forBlanch

Blanching is a way of preparing food by briefly immersing food in boiling water.
Braised meat.

Bis forBraise

Braising is a method of cooking that involves quickly frying and then slowly stewing food.
A machine used to brew beer.

Bis forBrew

Brew means to steep, stew or ferment something, usually a drink. Beer is brewed using fermented yeast and malt.
Broiling meat.

Bis forBroil

Broil means to cook food under intense heat.
Photo of browned cookies

Bis forBrowned

Something is browned if it develops a brownish tint as it is baked. Browning is the very first stages of something being burnt, and usually means that the food is just cooked enough.

Cis forChop

You chop something up by cutting it into pieces with something sharp like a knife or axe.
Clarified butter is butter that has had the milk solids removed.