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Photo of a sash

List of accessories

Things you don't really need to wear, but they make you look nicer.

Photo of a woman wearing a belt.

Bis forBelt

A belt is a piece of clothing you wear around your waist. Belts are usually made out of leather but can be made out of anything - cloth, beads, string or even shells. Belts are usually held shut by a buckle or a knot.
A bow is a special kind of pretty knot that leaves two big loops, and is usually made of ribbon in hair ties or on a dress. You often see bows at Christmas time as decorations or on presents.

Bis forBow tie

A bow tie is something men sometimes wear around their necks on formal occasions. You usually wear a bow tie with a tuxedo.
Photo of a corsage

Cis forCorsage

A corsage is a small bouquet that is worn to one side of your chest, or on your wrist. Corsages are often worn at weddings.
Photo of a cravat

Cis forCravat

A cravat is a type of necktie that predates the modern tie and bow tie. It is simply a piece of cloth tied around your neck in a knot or bow, and arranged to sit nicely. Cravats originated in Croatia.
A dust mask is something you wear over your mouth and nose so you don't breathe in particles of dust or smoke. People usually wear dust masks as protection when they are on a building or contruction site.
Photo of a man wearing earmuffs

Eis forEarmuffs

Earmuffs can be for one of two purposes: first, to keep your ears warm and second, to protect your ears from loud noises. Warming earmuffs are usually soft and fluffy and are worn in very cold areas. Protective earmuffs are made mostly from plastic, and are worn by people who operate heavy, noisy machinery or work in very loud areas.
Photo of a woman wearing glasses.

Gis forGlasses

Glasses are worn by people who can't see properly with no glasses on. They have glass lenses in a frame that changes what people can see slightly so they can see properly. Glasses are worn over your nose and ears.
Photo of a dog wearing goggles

Gis forGoggles

Goggles are special glasses that are worn to protect your eyes.
A handkerchief is a small piece of fabric that people use for wiping their nose or other parts of their face.