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Adjectives that start with C

Adjectives that start with C

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a calm lake

Cis forCalm

It is calm weather when there is no wind. In general, something is calm if it is almost still, with very little movement and excitement. The opposite of calm is excited.
Photo of the Canadian flag

Cis forCanadian

A Canadian is someone from Canada, or something related to Canada.
Photo of a dingo on a beach

Cis forCanine

Canine means something relating to dogs, or describing something dog-like.

Cis forCapped

Something is capped if it has something on top of it. Birds with a colored patch on top of their heads are often described as capped. Mountains covered with snow are called snow-capped. Something that has been closed with a lid on top has been capped. The well in the picture has been capped.
Photo of a fizzy drink up close.
A drink is carbonated if it has carbon dioxide gas dissolved into it. Carbon dioxide will only dissolve under pressure, so fizzy drinks tend to be slightly pressurised in their bottles. When you open the bottle and release the pressure, the carbon dioxide comes out of the drink in a big rush of bubbles and makes the drink fizzy.
Photo of charred peppers

Cis forCharred

Something is charred if it has been blackened a little by heat, usually from being cooked. The picture is of some charred peppers.
Photo of some cheap CDs

Cis forCheap

Something is cheap if you pay less than you expect to buy it. Cheap is relative, so a cheap wedding dress can cost a lot more than an expensive meal.
Photo of a chilly day

Cis forChilly

The weather can be described as chilly if it is briskly cold but not too cold. Not to be confused with chili.
Photo of clean wine glasses

Cis forClean

Something is clean if it has no dirt or marks to spoil its looks, and it is neat and tidy. The opposite of clean is messy or dirty.
Photo of planes flying close together
Close is another word for near, and is the opposite of distant or far. The airplanes in the picture are flying very close together.