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Photo of a pomeranian.

Words that rhyme with -ian

List of words that end with a "ian " sound

Photo of an abyssinian cat.
The Abyssinian is an ancient breed of cat of uncertain origin, from either Egypt or Ethiopia. It is slim, lithe, and has a distinctive flecked (ticked) brown coat, large ears, and a long tail. They are active, intelligent, curious cats. They make good pets, but need constant attention or they get bored and unhappy. They are excellent hunters, so this needs to be taken into consideration if you live near a wildlife reserve and want an Abyssinian as a pet.

Ais forAlien

An alien is someone or something from another place that doesn't belong here. An alien might be a person from another country, or they might be a creature from another planet.

Ais forArabian

Arabian horses are an ancient breed from the desert of the Middle East. They are fairly small horses with a distinctive shape and carriage. Arabians are elegant, gentle and affectionate.
Photo of the Canadian flag

Cis forCanadian

A Canadian is someone from Canada, or something related to Canada.
Carnelian, also called sard, is a deep red stone often used in jewelry. It is a silicate with large amounts of iron impurities.

Dis forDurian

Scientific name: genus: durio
Durians are a large, heavy, prickly fruit from Malaysia and Indonesia. They have a very strong smell that some people find disgusting and other people really like. The taste is described as like custard with almonds. Durians are used in many dishes in Malaysia, especially sweet desserts.
Photo of an Iranian woman

Iis forIranian

Iranian means anything to do with Iran, or a person from Iran.
Photo of a librarian
A librarian is someone who works in a library. Librarians deal with the storage and organization of information, traditionally in the form of books but today libraries store information in all sorts of digital formats, as well as collections of music and videos.
Photo of Mongolian people
Mongolian means anything relating to Mongolia, people from Mongolia or the language spoken in Mongolia.
Photo of a fragment of obsidian

Ois forObsidian

Obsidian is a dark glass formed in the larval flows of volcanos. Obsidian doesn't have a crystalline structure and can be broken into very thin pieces that can be used to make a very sharp cutting edge, spear tip or arrow head.