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Adjectives that start with J

Adjectives that start with J

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a Japanese wedding

Jis forJapanese

Japanese is anything relating to Japan, someone from Japan or the language spoken in Japan.
Photo of Jewish men

Jis forJewish

Something is Jewish if it relates to Judaism. It might also mean a Jew.
Photo of a juicy mango

Jis forJuicy

Something is juicy if it has a lot of tasty liquid called juice inside it. Juicy is usually only used to describe food.
Photo of a juvenile gull

Jis forJuvenile

A juvenile is a creature that is older than a baby, but not grown up into an adult yet. Juvenile birds often look scruffy as they are losing their downy baby feathers and growing their adult plumage.