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Photo of a lollypop

Adjectives about flavor

List of words used to describe the way something tastes.

Bitter beer.

Bis forBitter

Bitter is a strong flavor that is the opposite of sweet. Beer has a bitter flavor.
Something is delicious if it smells or tastes really, really good. People would describe something as delicious if they really enjoyed eating it.
Photo of a juicy mango

Jis forJuicy

Something is juicy if it has a lot of tasty liquid called juice inside it. Juicy is usually only used to describe food.
Savory bacon.

Sis forSavory

Savory is a flavor category that includes spicy and salty foods. Another word for savory is umami. Bacon has a savory flavor.
Photo of a sweet dessert

Sis forSweet

Sweet is the taste associated with things containing sugars, such as fruit, honey and processed foods with sugar added. Artificial sweeteners don't contain sugars but still taste sweet.