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Words that rhyme with -ile

List of words that end with a "ile " sound

Ais forArgyle

Argyle is the name for a pattern made up of lines and diamonds. It is a very common pattern on socks and waistcoats.
Photo of a crocodile
Scientific name: family: crocodylidae
Crocodiles are a large reptile that can range in size up to eight metres long. They are found all over the world, and can live in both fresh water and salt water. They are related to alligators.
Photo of a phone dial

Dis forDial

A dial is a round device that is marked with letters or numbers. They are most commonly seen on older phones. Used as a verb, dial means the process of calling someone on a phone, for example "I am dialling your number".
Fair isle is a colorful geometric pattern that is often knitted into clothing such as hats, mittens and sweaters. This pattern is called fair isle because of its origins in Fair Isle on the Shetland Islands in Scotland.

Fis forFertile

Something is fertile if it can produce offspring. Land is described as fertile if it can be used to grow vigorous, healthy plants that yield good crops.
Photo of files
A file is a tool made for scraping the surface of materials like wood or metal. Files are usually long and narrow, and have a side roughened by a pattern of grooves or ridges.
Photo of files
A file is a collection of related pieces of paperwork. Files are usually stored inside a file cabinet. The process of storing files is called filing, for example "please file this under T". On a computer, a file is a block of data that is accessed by its file name.
Photo of a fragile ornament

Fis forFragile

Something is fragile if it is delicate and easily broken. Small things made of glass are very fragile.
Photo of a juvenile gull

Jis forJuvenile

A juvenile is a creature that is older than a baby, but not grown up into an adult yet. Juvenile birds often look scruffy as they are losing their downy baby feathers and growing their adult plumage.

Kis forKyle

Kyle is a unisex English name. Kyle means "narrow" or "straight."