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Adjectives that start with L

Adjectives that start with L

Describing words, to help you tell someone else what something is like.
Photo of a laden donkey

Lis forLaden

Something is laden if it carrying a load. The mule in the picture is laden. A similar word to laden is burdened.
Photo of a large cat

Lis forLarge

Large is another word for big. The cat in the picture is large.
Photo of a caterpillar

Lis forLarval

The larval stage of a creature's development is its earliest stage. Many insects have a larval stage, and the larvae can look very different to the adult of the same insect.

Lis forLazy

Someone is lazy if they don't want to do anything, and so do very little instead. A similar word to lazy is idle.
Photo of a girl reading a book

Lis forLiterate

Someone is literate if they can read and write. Someone who cannot read or write is called illiterate.

Lis forLithe

Something or someone is lithe if they are bendy and flexible. The dancer in the photo is lithe.
Photo of different sized fruit

Lis forLittle

Little is another word for small.

Lis forLone

Lone means only one of something, or alone. There is a lone yellow flower in the grass.

Lis forLong

Something is long if it goes for a considerable way in one direction. Something goes for a long time if it happens for an extended period. The lizard in the picture has a very long tail. The opposite of long is short.
Photo of a woman wearing very loose jeans

Lis forLoose

Your clothes are loose if they are too big for you. The opposite of loose is tight. The woman in the picture is wearing jeans that are far too loose for her because she has lost weight.