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Photo of a bat.

Animals that can fly

Animals (not birds!) that can fly.

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Photo of a bat.
Scientific name: order: chiroptera
A bat is a flying animal (not a bird). Its arms have evolved into wings. Most bats eat fruit or insects. Bats usually travel around at night and sleep during the day. They hang upside down by their feet in trees or on the ceiling of caves.
Photo of a flying squirrel
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Scientific name: tribe: pteromyini
Flying squirrels are a variety of squirrel that has a flap of skin joining its front and back legs. Flying squirrels can spread out this flap like a parachute to glide between trees.
Scientific name: petaurus breviceps
The sugar glider is a small marsupial found in Australia and New Guinea that looks like a tiny possum. Sugar gliders have a flap of skin between their front and back legs on both sides that they can stretch out and use to glide. Sugar gliders can jump out of trees and glide through the air to another tree, like a flying squirrel. Sugar gliders eat the sweet sap of some trees, and some types of nectar.

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